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Sony SRF-S84 Walkman FM AM personal mini radio

Sony SRF-S84 Walkman FM AM personal mini radio headphones included requires 1 AAA Battery
Jeff King : I have one very similar.
The Tecsun R102.
It’s a fantastic little radio, and only $20.oo.
Reception on the Tecsun is very good. And stereo FM.
J Polar : I have a Sony fm Walkman from 1979 that i purchased brand new.
For the last 7-10 years I use it daily and no problems. I went tru about 4 pairs of cheap headphones. Operates on 3 double a batterys.
Model number srf-40w.
Selim Naç : Çok iyi bir radio.
High quality sound in radio.
Maelson Moraes : tem boa sintonia em AM?
Óscar GC1970OF : Hasta donde puedo ver en el vídeo (la parte mas importante para distinguirlo no la muestra bien definida el vídeo) creo que puedo avalar que la radio Sony SRF-S84 que se muestra en este vídeo es de las buenas, vamos que es original, NO COPIA con mal hardware.

1 Sony SRF-S84 falsification fake fraudulent imitation vs. genuine authentic original real

Este vídeo trata de mostrar las diferencias que he detectado entre las radios portátiles Sony SRF-S84 que se pueden conseguir a día de hoy de segunda mano (usadas) ORIGINALES de las que se pueden conseguir NUEVAS (en EBAY principalmente) que CREO son copias con mal hardware (tienen que ser unos chips de baja calidad, copias de los de Sony, por la malisima calidad de sonido y sintonizador) QUE MANCHA el bien merecido prestigio de este modelo de radio, cuya calidad de sonido y calidad de sintonizador (¡y una sola pila!) no recuerdo que sea superado por ninguna otra radio portátil que recuerde haber tenido.

This video tries to show the differences that I have detected between the Sony SRF-S84 portable radios that can be obtained today second-hand (used) ORIGINAL from those that can be obtained NEW (mainly on EBAY) that I BELIEVE are copies with bad hardware (they have to be some low-quality chips, copies of the Sony ones, due to the lousy sound quality and tuner) THAT TARNISH OR SULLY the well-deserved prestige of this radio model, whose sound quality and tuner quality (and a single battery!) I don't recall it being surpassed by any other portable radio I can recall owning.

made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud
fake faked copied forged feigned simulated sham spurious bogus imitation substitute dummy ersatz informal: knockoff pirate pirated phoney pseud pseudo cod

a fraudulent imitation of something else; a forgery.
fake forgery copy reproduction replica imitation likeness lookalike mock-up dummy substitute fraud sham
informal: phoney pirate knockoff rip-off put-on dupe

imitate fraudulently.
Fake forge copy reproduce replicate imitate simulate feign falsify sham informal: pirate

truly what something is said to be; authentic.
Authentic real actual original bona fide true veritable unfeigned unadulterated unalloyed sterling attested undisputed rightful legitimate lawful legal valid sound echt
Informal :the real McCoy the genuine article the real thing your actual kosher honest-to-goodness pukka dinkum
Santos Rodríguez Collazos : hola desde colombia yo tengo 5 radios de esos y todos me funcionan full están 10 de 10

Sony Srf-s84

@carlossalvador6797 : quiero uno asi!!!!
@mdsonicexplorerwatts8715 : quer vender eu compro pelo olx sou de sorocaba




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