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Jeju-do Island - City Video Guide

Next time you’re ready to walk through nature, pay a visit to Jeju-do Island.

This small enclave, located about 55 miles off the coast of South Korea, is remembered in history as “The Island of the Gods.” You’ll see why it has this nickname when you embark on a Jeju-do Island tour, and wander through its many natural wonders. Spend some time at the exquisite Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, or walk through the miles of paths that run along the coastline for a breath of fresh oceanic air. You can also spend hours in the Bijarim Forest, surrounded by ancient trees that reach over 80 feet into the sky.

Jeju-do Island sightseeing isn’t just about the flora and fauna, though. You can let your imagination run wild at the Trick Art Museum, or remember simpler days in childhood at the Teddy Bear Museum. If you’re ready to enjoy a skin-crawling good time, pay a visit to the Psyche Butterfly Multipark to see insects in action.

What was your favorite part of Jeju-do Island?

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clo : 'lets go to Jeju island together"
Moyera : I have been here ( was on a cruise) and trust me, this place is heaven! If you visit South Korea, do go to Jeju Island for 2 days. You have to be damm energetic to climb that big rock to catch the breathtaking view of this island.
p.s - You guys forgot to mention the 'Beilive it or not' which is just opposite to the doll museum! Visit both! Even the big monastry there is a good place to visit!
jasonpli : Just went there in June 2016 and absolutely loved it!!!!!!
Hager Spet : I hope I can go there one day ❤️
Devie Grace Morong : i wish i could go in that beautiful place... i love korea

5 Days in Jeju Island | Top Attractions, Cafes & Restaurants - Travel Guide and Vlog

Join me as I explore the best things to do and see in Jeju Island! For 5 full days, my family and I traveled around South Korea's biggest island, visiting the best tourist attractions and eating food that only Jeju has to offer. I hope you can use my itinerary as a travel guide so you can enjoy the best of Jeju. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe! Enjoy the vlog and thanks for watching :)

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Music in this video
Mai Tai - Jeff Kaale
Sugar High - STVN
Celery in a Carrot Field - Daystar
Mona Lisa - Valntn, Peter Fenn, Tray Haggerty
Let's Play More Together - Daystar
Jerus Salem : I loved the way your parents really effectionite to each other, they were always side by side and holding hands during whole trip, seriously relationshio goals
Exploring with Yulia : Thanks for an amazing video, guys! You made me miss Korean food and want to visit Jeju even more than I’ve always wanted Stunning sunsets, by the way! Different from the Filipino ones.

Can I ask you where did you rent a car? It’ll be helpful for our trip to Jeju❤️
Yasmin Anuar : I am missing Jeju a lot! Thanks for the video! Will definitely come visit again once this whole pandemic thingy is over.
fashion lover : waaaa this was such a good vlog, thank you ~
I am starting to love Jeju more and more, need to visit with my fam <3 :D
Ria Conradt : Thanks for the recommendations for places, cafes and restaurants to visit. Jeju and Busan are the two places I really want to visit in Korea.

Travel to Jeju, South Korea in 4K

Spent a few days last September in this volcanic island dominated by the Hallasan, south of the Republic of Korea. A popular destination full of beautiful natural landscapes and rich culture.

Sony a6500
Sony 18-105mm f/4 G OSS
Samyang 12mm f/2
Moza Aircross gimbal

Travel arrangements provided by Awesome Adventure



Stephen Keech - Far From Home
Ahnaf Zaheen : Who is here after watching squid games?
Full Belly Travels : Great shots and editing! Looks like you did all the right things in jeju
Jenna Suri : This is the Korean Travel Vlog that I’ve been looking for. Almost every video in youtube mainly consists of the usual kpop related stuff, filming locations etc. Not that I’m against kpop culture, I actually love it but it’s just much nicer to visit places that will make you feel relaxed and enjoy at the same time and not just visit a place where you can take photos to show your friends and other kpop lovers that you’ve been where idols and celebs had been. Keep it up!
Helen B.S Marpaung : I really love this island ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I hope one day I'm able to visit there again together with my children ❤️❤️❤️❤️
The Great Outdoors : I can't wait to film my own 4K videos here! Jeju island is amazing.




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